Senin, 14 Maret 2011

friendship! ♥

Irene (:
she made ​​friends with me since at playgroup
our friendship had approximately 10 years
she's the smallest and the short of my two friends
although she has a small body, she thinks most adult
i'm glad to asked the opinion from her
she also knows my dreams, she supported me! she's one of those who say that i have talent

Elvia (:

she's my best friend
she is beautiful, good and sometimes very annoying
i hate when asking opinions to her
she always answered 'ma ane lo, biasa aja'
GRRRRRRR. but it wouldnt mind, i love her

just like Irene
she knows my dream! HAHAHAHAHAHHA
she would listen to my ravings, of course about camera
she just told me to be patient
but actually, i'm sad too

Nancy (:

she has black
she's the most feminine among us

to be honest, me and elvia not that confident with her
no need say why
i like to ask for answers in the exam :|

same with irene, me and nancy friends since playgroup
we often hostile and then friends again
: p

she also knows my dreams
photographer ;;)

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